Our Philosophy

Why would you choose us? 

We offer tranquility. Your children are your greatest treasure so; we offer the best for them. 

In addition to our innovative pedagogical proposal, you should know about our quality facilities where your children will feel comfortable like at home.   

We offer security, we have a system of video cameras in all classrooms and schoolyards of Vygotsky, which record everything that happens, storing for months, in this way we solve your doubts and we guarantee the safety of the students.

We offer quality; all our educational processes are based on American APQC standards, which guarantee that we do things in the best way thus in Vygotsky we do not improvise. In the teaching English method, we use Cambridge, which allows our students to certify at the age of 7 to high school degree with official exams from the University of Cambridge-England, obtaining a proficiency which allows your child to be exempt from English in any university but more than that to master the language in a real and practical way. 

We offer modernity, as we have projectors, internet and computers in all classrooms, we offer a virtual classroom to interact with teachers and an academic monitoring system which allows you to see in real time the state of your child in all aspects: qualifications, conduct, assistance, everything you always wanted to know, because in Vigotsky that traditional education was in the past. And of course, all our teachers are trained to use these tools. Click here to know more.

Pedagogical model

The new Curricular Update and Strengthening Curriculum document for Basic General Education (2010), aims to "develop the human condition and prepare for understanding, so that the educational action is oriented to the training of citizens who practice values which allow them to interact with society with respect, responsibility, honesty and solidarity applying the principles of Good Living".

Within this foundation, our institution is framed in a model that is oriented toward a Constructivist, Historical, Cultural, Ecological Contextual approach that responds to the current society needs; In which prevail the institutional identity that responds with relevance to the social, cultural-scientific-technological and axiological issues, that develops creative, critical, investigative, innovative, practical-reflective potential of its teachers and students with a constant entailment with its context.

The constructivist pedagogical model, has several purposes, among them is the knowledge construction from the student and student’s interests by observation, experimentation, inquiry, creativity, and self-reflection on the given subject, the teacher‘s role is of mediator, motivator of the advances in the acquisition of new knowledge and of gradual form in the levels of complexity. It is also considered learning by doing, to develop thinking skills. It has the components of cognitive structures in the form of a sequential process.

In our institution, we aim to develop cognitive and metacognitive skills to autonomously confront the processes of self-learning, of "learning to know", "to be", "to do", "to live together" and "to undertake".

In High School we offer the General program, we have the best teaching facilities, laboratories equipped with the latest technology and a curriculum aligned to international standards and processes, to offer as usual, an education of excellence.

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