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At Vigotsky High School, we know that human talent is the basis for quality education. That's why our management team has excellent academic training, all with master's degrees and some with PHD, guaranteeing quality educational processes.

Below you can see the summary and the resumes of the management team.

Principal: Dr. Liliana Jiménez

Liliana is the founder of Vigotsky High School. With more than 15 years of recognized trajectory as a teacher in secondary and university education, she has several third and fourth level degrees in education, which guarantee that educational processes are carried out in the best way, without improvising anything.

Administrative Director: Mgs. Dennys Villacrés

Dennys Villacrés is in charge of administrative management and technological innovation. In his professional career he has directed national training projects in the public and private sector. His academic background includes an undergraduate degree in technology and a fourth level in Management and Technology. He is in charge of the implementation of the American standard APQC for educational processes, being the only institution in Ecuador that is implementing this reference frame used in countries like the United States, Australia, Finland, among others.

Initial Level Director: Mgs. Andrea Dumannela

Andrea is leading the academic and curricular innovations. She has worked and been Director in some of the best schools in the City of Quito. She holds a third and fourth level of education in Education, with a Master's Degree in Education and Neuroscience from the San Francisco University of Quito in agreement with Harvard University in the United States. She is also the Director of Quality of Educational Processes within the APQC framework.

External English Consultant: Mgs. Gabriela Nina

Gabriela has a master's degree from Georgetown University (USA) in Education, Communication and Technology, she has worked on several projects at Harvard University and supports coordinating and training all staff in the English area of the Vigotsky High School, which consolidates the area as Ideal for teaching English to students.

Consultant for infrastructure and occupational health: Ing. Edison Villacrés PHD.

Professional with extensive experience in the area of engineering, infrastructure and occupational health, has several masters in the area and a doctorate (PHD). It supports the institution in studies of ergonomics and optimization of physical spaces for students and teachers. He is also co-founder of Vigotsky High School with Dr. Liliana Jiménez.